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About Us

Cardware OÜ is an authorized distributor of myPOS Partners Ltd (UK)

We offer smart card terminals that come with a merchant account, business debit card and instant payout 24/7, and support in solving technical issues with myPOS terminals and the transaction system.

Grow your business with our innovative, fast and secure payment options. With Cardware OÜ, you will become a leader in your sector by providing an excellent customer experience.

Please note that the connection and operation of terminals and the opening of user accounts shall be performed directly with myPOS Partners Ltd. under the company’s terms and conditions.

Other services, such as receiving online payments without physical processing of a debit or credit card and the supply of payment links for online stores etc, are also provided under the terms and conditions and as per tariffs of myPOS Partners Ltd.

Cardware OÜ will support you in solving technical issues and provide professional advice on myPOS terminals and the system.

We will help you grow your business

We will help you grow your business

Our address: Narva mnt 13A, Tallinn
Telephone: +372 566 899 09